Video Tutorial: Create an Egg in Photoshop

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In this quick video tutorial I’ll show you how to draw a realistic looking egg in Photoshop within few easy steps using basic techniques. There are a lot of ways to achieve the same result, so feel free to play with it and tweak it to your liking. I have also attached the PSD for you to play with or to use. Enjoy.

Final Result


  • Jorge

    Very good explanation of depths and lighting, would love to see more of those! thanks!

  • Dusan

    Very nice egg.  What version are you using?  I’m in CS2, and my Eliptical tool does not have a paths option.  Am I not seeing something I should be seeing?

    • Ran

      Thanks Dusan.
      I have used CS5 here.The path options should appear at the top left after you select the ‘elipse tool’.If you see a rectangle there, just press the tool and hold down the mouse key until you see the other shapes.(make sure that you are using the shape tool and not the marquee tool)

  • CodinCat

    Great tutorial,
    and Best Egg ever.