Featured Artist: Sebastián Andaur

This month featured artist is Sebastián Andaur. A young and promising graphic designer from Chile. We caught him for a short interview about design and inspiration.

Andaur Studio by Sebastian Andaur

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m a 16 year old designer from Chile. I’ve been designing since I was 12, and since then I kept learning and experimenting with Photoshop and its derivatives.


What can you tell us about your works.

My works are made mostly in Photoshop and Illustrator, lately I’ve started to work with Cinema4D which allows me to develop typefaces, objects and 3d models with realistic illumination, cameras manipulation, texturing, and everything else that relates to the 3D medium. I am quite multidisciplinary, i don’t have specific area of design which is my main, I like to experiment with everything I can; from illustration, typography and up to works which are totally made in 3D or motion graphics. Most recently, I started doing design for web for my studio www.grid.cl.

Love by Sebastián Andaur

Madness by Sebastian Andaur

Take one of your works and tell us about it.

I chose ‘High and Dry – 3D’. When i bought Radiohead’s CD “The Bends” a while ago, I’ve listened to it but didn’t really understand what it meant, after some time I wanted to transmit what this song meant for me – that’s where the mountains in the design are from, high and dry mountains. I’ve started sketching by hand, from there I continued to create the “base” design in Photoshop, I’ve gone through 4 versions of different elements and color schemes until I’ve reached the 2D version, this process took a few days and then I decided to move it forward to 3D. The modeling was done in Cinema4D, then i spent a couple of hours fiddling and fine tuning the materials and lighting, rendering then took about 30 minutes on my iMac. In this version i only rendered the center elements and the typography above and under the central element. After i’ve rendered the elements, It was time for “post-production”. I took the rendered elements to photoshop and composited it on top of the mountains using curves and lots of adjustment layers until I was happy with the final result.

High and Dry 3D by Sebastian Andaur

What’s in your tool set?

I use a 21″ iMac. On my dock I have Photoshop, Cinema 4D, Illustrator and After Effects which I use almost on a daily basis.


What get s you inspired to create?

Usually my inspiration comes from just from seeing a beautiful color, or listening to a song that I like. Sometimes I’m inspired by what I see around the web which also helps to “organize” my ideas and explore new trends.

Nature by Sebastian Andaur

Are there any other designers/artists that you like or get inspired by?

I think the graphic artist I’m most inspired by is James White, not necessarily by his style, but from the way he ‘makes design’, the way he sees design beyond theory and formality. Other artists that I like and value are Nick Campbell and Pablo Alfieri.

Fantasy Girl by Sebastian Andaur

Do you listen to music while working? Tell us about your favorites.

I really like to listen to music when designing. Music is the thing that connects me with the design in most of my creations. My favorite band is Green Day. I like the fact that their music is powerful. Lately when i design i listen to “Awesome as F**k” by Green Day, “The Bends” by Radiohead, “Black Holes and Revelations” by Muse, and ‘Los Bunkers’.

A Bunch of Vintage Fonts by Sebastian Andaur

Old Times by Sebastián Andaur

Find Sebastián Andaur on:
@andaurstudios on Twitter
Andaur Studio on Flickr
Andaur Studios on Tumblr

*All the images/works in this interview were provided to RGB Jam by Sebastián Andaur.


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